Counseling and Support Groups

Dr.  Daniel offers grief support groups and individual counseling (either in-person or by phone). She is not a licensed therapist, but has a doctorate in pastoral counseling (spiritual but not religious), and is a certified clinical trauma professional. Her approach is focused on education and practical, hands-on solutions for living with grief, rather than ongoing talk therapy. 


Individual Sessions

These sessions are for spiritual support and education, and are not a substitute for on-going professional therapy. Instead of regularly-scheduled weekly or monthly sessions, Terri will meet with you once or twice to give you specific tools and practices that you can do on  your own to process strong emotions, release traumatic imprints and restore balance.

Terri teaching 2

Support Groups and Workshops (Live or via Zoom)

Online groups are scheduled periodically, generally once in the summer and once during the winter holidays.  In-person groups are scheduled at various times throughout the year. Click here for a calendar of upcoming events.

(503) 957-7419